SSINFY Classes is a global platform for personalized subject guidance. It is also an e-learning platform for respective    subjects of study and it is also a  fun learning activity for 6+ years and above. The Educators provide online and offline sessions as per their schedules confirmed online. We do also provide demo sessions for the students before the subjects of learning and training are confirmed. The experienced educators are native teachers and trainers from global destinations.

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7 Key Benefits
1. Keeps Your Child Motivated. Always!
2. Builds Self Confidence
3. Removes Stress
4. Engages in Positive Activity
5. Boosts Academic Performance
6. Very Helpful during Exams
7. Keeps away from Mobile Games & TV


SSINFY Tech. provides comprehensive and integrated IT Consulting Services that includes software consulting and development, website designing and development, Mobile applications development, Digital marketing as well as development and implementation of mission critical business applications with cutting edge technology to our customers round the globe. At SSINFY Tech., we ensure you high quality deliveries from our respective teams every time and on time. 



SSINFY Green Team provides the shipment of the following trees/plants along with the following services as per the orders received under Environment Project Management Unit in India . We want to create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts in India. The team has expertise in the following areas.

  1. Agro-forestry
  2. Agro-farming
  3. Horticulture & Beautification
  4. Sales & Planting High Value Tree Saplings
  5. Execution and Maintenance of Projects including Gardening.

The Green Team also provides the following services.

  • Barren and Dry Land harvesting, watering system then Plantation.
  • High Value Saplings Plantation. (Teak, Mahogany, Sandal-wood, Fig, Decorative Palm, Ashok etc.)
  • Manual Drip Irrigation, where there is no electricity