Welcome To SSinfy

SSINFY is a leading  Research & Development Solution provider. we are the pioneers of providing Innovative and  enhanced Business Process solutions. The company has a rich blend of Process Expertise in IT Innovation.                 We undertake each project with our high modulated approach, as we believe in “Future is Present”.  The company is  backed by team members with high operational insights and experiences in diversified industries.                          SSINFY inexorably is achieving and setting up newer heights since its nascence. SSINFY serves various Industries and  sectors by providing Consulting Services, Business Implementation and Collaboration Solutions, Research and  Development Activities, Education , Intelligence Amplification and Cognitive Development Services.                              We also works to garner attention for your business through social media marketing. By using established social media platforms, we are able to communicate with existing and potential clients through yet another channel with broad reach.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Our Vision is to "Achieve excellence for the welfare of mankind and society".                                                                        Our Mission is to " Pursue Excellence for delivering pioneering solutions to our partners, customers and clients".




1. Education Research and Scientific Development

2.  Environment Protection and Management

3. IT Automation and Consulting Services

4. Bio-Tech R&D

5. Skill Development